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Bart Simpsons Bandz - Rare Or Not Rare?

The Simpsons is the longest running show on television, which makes it no surprise that there are a lot of fans of The Simpsons. There are also a lot of The Simpsons Collectors, who tend to make The Simpsons Bandz in high demand. The Simpsons Bandz are made by Forever Collectibles under their Character Bandz line. While big time collectors of The Simpsons tend to buy all the series, the more casual viewers of The Simpsons often want the Bart Simpson Bandz the most. While all The Simpsons Bandz are considered somewhat rare, the Bart Simpson Bandz usually is the most wanted. So are Bart Simpsons Bandz rare or not rare?


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YES!!!!!!!!!! It is rare. Bart is most kids favorite character because he is a prankster and funny. Im a huge fan of The Simpsons and I was very excited when I saw these in stores.

Thats not true. WWE Monday Night RAW is the longest running show on TV

@J, what you said is NOT true. MONDAY NIGHT RAW FIRST AIR DATE: January 11, 1993 as WWF Monday Night Raw. The Simpsons, first aired as a full show on December 17, 1989. You need to learn how to properly do math.

Also, the actual LONGEST running show on TV, is Meet the Press, which has been on for 62 YEARS.

@Emily wow thats a long time!!!!! :) and Idk if thats rare! ^^^^^^

Not rare. At least that's what I think.

I love the simpsons-and my favorite character is Bart, because he is 10 like me!!!!!!!!!

Ok wwe monday night raw is the longest running weekly episodic tv series. Meaning they haven't gone 1 week without a new episode.

The Simpsons is the longest running PRIMETIME ANIMATED show on television. And yeah, these are rare.

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