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Bandeez Xmas Bandz Pack

The Xmas Bandz Pack is a new Christmas 2010 Limited Edition made by Bandeez. The Xmas Bandz Pack contains twelve tie dye rubber band bracelets, two each six different designs. The Bandeez Xmas Bandz Pack is available on Amazon.com. Above is a photo of the front of the Xmas Bandz Pack.

Here is a photo of the back of the Xmas Bandz Pack.

Here is a photo of the six different shapes in the Xmas Bandz Pack. The Xmas Bandz shapes include Snowman, Snowflake, Christmas Bell, Christmas Tree, Candy Cane, and Star. All of the bandz are tie dye, and the Snowflake is specifically designed to look like a string of lights when worn on the wrist.



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Those are awesome I must have those the snowflake is absolutely epic!

Everybody Emily M. is the real Emily. I put my last initial so you can know who the real Emily is and who the fake Emily is. I think these are really cool.

Emily M, you are such an IDIOT. There is NO FAKE EMILY. Just because someone has the same name as you does not mean they are pretending to be you, you moron.

Emily is a very popular name, I had a class once with 3 Emily's in it so it's perfectly possible.

I know. Emily has always said epic.

@bobby How dare you call me mental! Just shut up. Taylor got her named copied a while ago but none of you guys said an mean stuff then. And fyi I'm not mental! I'm an advanced 6th grade student.

Emily M. Rides the short bus to school it seems.

LOL @ Cindy!

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