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AHEE Silly Bandz Pack

The AHEE Jewelers Silly Bandz are custom Silly Bandz ordered by AHEE Jewelers in Grosse Point Woods, MI. Above is a photo of the AHEE Jewelers Silly Bandz Pack.

Here is a picture of the AHEE Jewelers Silly Bandz shapes, which feature the AHEE logo in different colors.



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i like those colors.
First comment.

I know I have them!!1

Jordan, how did you get all those Silly Bandz. Im a HUGE collector and really want some. How did you get them?

well I email people and they get them at the places I see all the custom silly bandz on sillybandz.com/blog and I always get most of them if you send me your email to jordan_turek2006@hotmail.com I will send you my checklist which covers all the custom silly bandz and every thing

all i want to know is what id AHEE???

It is a fine jewelry company In michigan

There are a lot of competition in this field and many companies providing qualities. Nice message.

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