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The Addams Family Bandz Pack

The Addams Family Bandz Pack was made by Bandeez. The Addams Family Bandz Pack contains twelve rubber band bracelets, two each six different designs. The Addams Family Bandz Pack is very rare, because Bandeez only produced 2,000 packs. They were made for the broadway show The Addams Family, A New Musical. They are only available for purchase at The Addams Family Broadway show in New York City. Above is a photo of the front of The Addams Family Bandz Pack.

Here is a photo of the back of The Addams Family Bandz Pack.

Here is a photo of the six different shapes in the Addams Family Bandz Pack. The Addams Family Bandz shapes include Iguana, Light Bulb, Coffin, Candelabra, Goblet, and Bow & Arrow. All of the bandz except for the Black Coffin are glow in the dark.



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The candles and the lightbulb is good

Does anyone else even make a lightbulb, candelabra, or bow and arrow?

Those are awesome.

love those! i want them! im going to nyc for thanksgiving i am going to ask my mom if we can go to the show and get these!

I wish these were more widely available, I love the Addams Family!

The show probably won't be playing anymore at Thanksgiving.

The show goes on for months on their calendar thru next year so i dont get why you say the show wont be playing anymore. obviously it isnt playing ON thanksgiving since it is a holiday but it is running that whole weekend when I will be in nyc but thanks for trying to rain on my parade

@paluina Well how was I supposed to know that? And you don't have to be so rude.

is this from boomerang? this is how it started, when uncle vester farted, they all became retarded, the addams family!

@emily You're not me. I know that because you're name isn't alink to my blog.

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