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Tangled Bandz Pack

The Tangled Bandz Pack contains twenty-four rubber band bracelets, four each of six different designs. Above is a photo of the front of the Tangled Bandz Pack by H.E.R. Accessories.

Here is a photo of the back of the Tangled Bandz Pack.

Here is a photo of all the shapes in the Tangled Bandz Pack.



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What are they supposed to be??

At least they live up to the title of the pack! They are all tangled up!

Haha nice one Keith

@Alyson Thanks!;-)

@ Keith, No prob! ;-)

Not that great....

Why don't you say what the shapes are?
Right now they are just known as the Tangled Pack.

@Kaleb, I Just think Allie couldn't figure out what the shapes are supposed to be. Neither can I.

Because I want to spend five bucks on a pack of blobs.

I want to see that movie so bad. I love stupid comedies. But after seeing these shapes I'm not so sure.

O_o Those are horrible looking!

those r TERRIBLE!!! lol emily, me 2!

Hmm, yeah they don't quite work as silly bands and they don't quite work as characters. No doubt my daughters will still want them - after seeing the movie they fawn over anything "Tangled"


I adored this movie and was really excited about the silly bandz... and then I saw them. What in god's name are half those shapes supposed to be? I mean really haha and Pascal... looks too much like a normal lizard... I dunno if that makes sense or not.

I was hoping these would be very cute and even had some shape ideas in mind (why not use the Kingdom sun symbol?) but anyway...

Oh, when I saw the link, I thought it meant Tangled UP silly bandz. Sry XD

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