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Silly Slapz Watch Launched By Silly Bandz

The company behind Silly Bandz continues to branch out into new product. Awhile back they released Rad Bandz, and now they are releasign Silly Slapz Watches. A Silly Slapz Watch is a watch made of silicone that you can slap around your wrist. Silly Slapz Watches come in both youth and adult sizes, and they are available in nine different colors.  For more information on Silly Slapz Watches check out SillySlapzWatch.com.


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I wonder if they will claim they invented these too even though they have been around for several years just like they claimed they invented animal rubber bands even though they were around for 10 years. click my name to see them all alibaba where they are available by 1700+ suppliers. they cost less than $3 each and silly bandz is selling them for $18? wow, what a rip off

Yeah slap bracelets have been around for decades not years. I used to trade them in grade school. :)

reading comprehension is key dragmire, I said slap WATCHES


Yeah but a slap watch is just a slap bracelet with a watch on it. XD throwing two things together doesn't really make anything new. I can't believe how much they're charging though :o

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