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Silly Bandz Gumball Machine

Silly Bandz seem to be showing up pretty much everywhere. They started off in specialty toy stores like Learning Express, but they have now spread to large retail chains like Toys R Us. Silly Bandz are even popping up in gumball machines at various locations. Above is a photo I snapped of a Silly Bandz gumball machine.


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Those are defintly not real silly bandz inside there they are most likely fakes and they printed silly bandz logo and put it inside of it

Thats cool!!!

you should have bought some of these cause i see some bandz that aren't in regular packs in there


I've seen those at Shop Rite and Best Buy. They aren't real Silly Bandz, just knock-offs.

Some of these knockoffs are good, others are horrible. I've tried two different coin machines, one gave me an awesome tie-dye gun, the other a broken star. XD

I got a tie dye fairy once. And a glow in the dark tedddy bear. Along with many glittery numbers.

they are fake u no y? :(

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