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Scrabble Googly Bands

The Googly Bands Scrabble Pack contains eight rubber band bracelets, each one a different letter design. The Scrabble Shaped Rubber Bands are officially licensed as part of the Hasbro Bands line by Googly Bands. Above is a photo of the front of the Googly Bands Scrabble Pack.

Here is a photo of the back of the Googly Bands Scrabble Pack, which shows the twenty-six different letter designs.

Here is a photo of the eight different letter shapes that I got in the Googly Bands Scrabble Pack.



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these are lame. so they are making bands now for people who live in convalescent homes? what's next? bingo bandz? geritol bandz? preparation H bandz? denture bandz? worst concept ever.

I've been trying to pull my parents into the shaped bracelets craze

Thank you, Googly Bands

lamesauce I agree and disagree with you but mainly disagree. I agree that they are lame. But there only lame because they dont come with the bracelet to wear the charms on. If I ever find this pack Im probably gonna buy like 3 of them so I can get tons of different letters. On the package it shows someone wearing them and theres a bracelet there hanging on WHERES THE BRACELET!!!

Those are amazing. I love them.

so cool

You can't wear those though....

yeah u do. duh! u slip that on ur wrist and the letter hangs off!!!!!!!

@ lamesauce: Where can I buy?

Of course you can wear these I have some the letters hang from your hand....

i have the W and the O. Wo?

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