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Pop Watch By Crazy Bands

Crazy Bands has launched a new product called Pop Watches. Pop Watches are watches made with a flexible band. They come in bright colors, and they are waterproof. Each Pop Watch comes in a test tube like container with a Crazy Band. Above is a photo of a Pop Watch in the packaging.

Here is a photo of a Pop Watch out of the packaging.

Here is a photo of a Crazy Band that came with the Pop Watch.

More information about Pop Watches can be found on ThePopWatch.com.


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Wow REALLY REALLY?!?!? A watch???? Just like Silly Bandz!

That's pretty awesome. i love the band.

Well, these watches've been around for a while, and are pretty cool. Adding a band to them just makes it better. v'<'v

The silly band spells pop; the first hand thingy is a p then the head is an o then the other hand is a backwards p and it glows in the darkk:)

Thats a unique idea, although the band doesn't look too comfortable with those notches in.

More haste,less speed

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