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P-O-P Balance By Crazy Bands

P-O-P Balance Bands are silicone bands with a hologram. P-O-P stands for Powering Overall Performance. P-O-P Balance Bands are designed to work with your body's natural energy in order to improve your power, balance, strength, flexibility, and overall performance. The hologram technology is meant to echo the body's natural energy fiels. P-O-P Balance Bands are made by Crazy Bands, and they come in test tube packaging with a Crazy Band. Above is a photo of a P-O-P Balance Band in the packaging.

Here is a photo of a P-O-P Balance Band out of the packaging.

Here is a photo of a Crazy Band that came with a P-O-P Balance Band.

More information about P-O-P Balance Bands can be found at PopBalance.com.


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That band is weird.


Just like Power Balance bracelet! Copycats once again!

I want a Power Band. :(

Wow, phony science. XD the FTC will shut them down with claims like that.

OMG that is exactly like the Power Balance bracelet except a different name! -_-
I have one and it looks JUST the same.

power balance bracelet in motion the process pressure can also play a role in mitigation, that many NBA players (Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers. Bryant is one) of silicone wristbands on the also very popular, power wristbands are also Decorations in a matter of course to become the best choice for the younger generation!

para q sirven las pop balance

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