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Numbers Silly Bandz

Numbers Silly Bandz are available in the Build-A-Pack Silly Bandz. Numbers Silly Bandz are a great idea, because many people who play sports want to get their player number as a Silly Bandz shape. Even those who don't play sports themselves, might want to get Numbers Silly Bandz related to their favorite player or even to their own age. Numbers Silly Bandz are available in the numbers zero through nine and in the colors black and white. Above is a photo of the Black Numbers Silly Bandz.


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Those are very nicely formed but I wish they could make them all the same size. XD

Numbers have been around for months now... this is nothing new... is silly bands copying others?

Those are good!

I don't like numbers.

Emily, why do you hate numbers? Math is fun (if you have a good teacher)!

@keith I love math also. I just think that number bands are boring because lots of companies make them and more exciting things are made.

@Adam I do think that Silly Bandz is copying other types of bandz, like the chat pack, they have been made many times.

I think Silly Bandz added the numbers to the build a pack for the same reason they did all the mascot characters. For schools to easily make custom packs for their sports teams.

I ordered 2000 number 9's but Silly Bandz totally messed up my order and sent me 2000 number 6's! I AM SO MAD!

i never said that about the order. And stupid fake Emily, if you flip it uside you get the correct number.

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