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Justin Bieber Silly Bandz - Rare Or Not Rare?

Justin Bieber Silly Bandz were some of the most anticipated Silly Bandz ever. When Justin Bieber Silly Bandz were officially released, they became a trending topic on Twitter. Justin Bieber Silly Bandz were initially released in only a couple Toys R Us locations, which resulted in long lines to buy them. Even though Justin Bieber Silly Bandz are now available in more Silly Bandz retailers, many of the stores that have received stock have completely sold out. Justin Bieber Silly Bandz make for a great stocking stuffer, so they will likely be in short supply until after Christmas. While the entire Justin Bieber Silly Bandz Pack is hard to find, the most in demand shape appears to be the actual shape of Justin Bieber singing. So is the Justin Bieber Silly Bandz rare or not rare?


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not rare, they sell these at gas stations, 7-11's, kmart and toys r us

target too

depends on where you live. If you live in a place thats not one of the higher most popular places for silly bandz so its rare where I live. make sure to check out my silly bandz videos youtube.com/user/iheartmrbump

Not rare and stop advertising Sydney.

i dont think so, you can buy them online

Rare.... But my Hallmark might have them. My Hallmark has EVERYTHING.

^^ Yeah, the Hallmark had these on the shelf.

lno not rare justin bieber sucks he is a terrible singer and so ugly and i hate him

They aren't rare because everyone is buying them so you can't find them.

nopee they r not rare. nd justin bieber is suck. my opinion

*One of these days is none of these days!!!

JB sings, "I'm a BABY BABY OOOH!"

jb didn't die.

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