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I Heart Justin Bieber Silly Bandz - Rare Or Not Rare?

Earlier this week I blogged about how popular and difficult to find the Justin Bieber Silly Bandz Pack is. While the Silly Bandz of Justin Bieber singing is usually considered the most popular shape in the Justin Bieber Silly Bandz Pack, the I Heart Justin Bieber Silly Bandz is a close second. In some areas of the country, the I Heart Justin Bieber Silly Bandz is even considered to be the most popular shape in the pack. The Silly Band actually shows an image of a heart and abbreviates Justin Bieber as "JB," so some people have argued it could have a double meaning and stand for I Heart Jonas Brothers. So is the I Heart Justin Bieber Silly Bandz rare or not rare?


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When they make 10,000,000 packages like this at a time, you know they are not rare! C'mon guys. The largest manufacture in China makes these for Sillybandz. They have over 20 factories with production ranging in the millions per day, rare are the custom bands people have made which were not copied by SillyBandz.

@Cindy True, but think about it. 10,000,000 packs at a time, but there are more than 2 billion people in the US.

Not rare at all. I have never seen a store that didn't have this pack and even if the didn't it's because everyone bought them.

The I heart JB is defintly not rare every store that sells silly bandz in my area has a ton of them and none are selling also all the other new silly bandz no store has them so I have to order them from online

Where I live there really rare. I live in the country part of Virginia and the biggest store we have is Walmart. And my Walmart only carries Googly Bands (not the Hasbro Bands that I know of yet) and The Walmart Bands. I've only seen the real Silly Bandz at two stores Kroger and Borders, but that was in my hometown I moved like a month ago. So there rare here.

Oh yeah and with them saying how I<3JB could mean I Heart Jonas Brothers. I agree because everyone refers to the Jonas Brothers and JB. I use to be there biggest fan last year. And Justin Bieber is not all that cool. I still like The Jonas Brother's music but I hate JONAS.

"@Cindy True, but think about it. 10,000,000 packs at a time, but there are more than 2 billion people in the US." ---LOL. There is 1/3 of one billion people in the US, just over 300 million

@dragmiresux Doggyadorable is rightish. There are over 6 billion people in the world. Get your facts right. I just googled it and that's what you should have done.

I <3 Jacob Black (twilight)

:O omg @magmag, u r SO right. justin bieber, jonas brothers, jacob black... it coould mean a lot of things. i live in canada in a little town. there is this toy store that carried the actual silly bandz and the only kind they had one week was justin bieber and they had them for like a month so....

PLUS i am NOT a justin bieber fan!

Yea they are rare here in cincinnati ever since they ran out at the band wagon, girls went nuts :) hahah

*One of these days is none of these days!!!



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