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Black Friday Silly Bandz Ad Leaked

Just revieved a preview of a Black Friday Silly Bandz ad. The Silly Bandz Black Friday ad promotions will run exclusively on SillyBandz.com on November 26 starting at midnight. One of the Silly Bandz Black Friday promotions includes half off a Build-A-Pack Silly Bandz for the first 1,000 shoppers. Another Silly Bandz Black Friday promotion includes one free pack of Silly Earringz for the first 1,000 shoppers.


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OMG I need to do that.

OMG I want to get more build a packs Im gonna order 5 in 3 different orders gettign 3silly earringz

I'll have to do that before I got to sleep for the night but they fail to say what time zone they're going by. Very important information to leave out...

Silly Earringz?!?!?!?!?!

i wouldnt want silly earings dangling from my ears
on your wrist is one thing but on your ears?
thats just tacky

Just when I thought they couldn't get better, they get better

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