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The Haunted House I Love Bandz Pack

I came across another Bandz company called I Love Bandz. In their logo, they use a heart in the place of love, but their website is located at ILoveBandz.com. The Haunted House I Love Bandz Pack contains eighteen rubber band bracelets and a clip. The clip is attached to the packaging. Above is a picture of the front of The Haunted House I Love Bandz Pack.

Here is a picture of the back of The Haunted House I Love Bandz Pack.

Here is a picture of all the different shapes in The Haunted House I Love Bandz Pack. The Haunted House Bandz assortment includes Ghost, Boo, Skelelton, Skull N' Crossbones, Bat, and Spider rubber bands. The Haunted House Bandz are also all Glow In The Dark rubber bands.



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Heh, those are pretty cool! So are their other bands on their website.

OMG I REALLY WANT THESE!!! PLEASE TELL ME WHERE YOU GOT THEM FROM!!! I looked on their website and I really want the Rabbit ones!!! Make sure to check out my youtube page all about Silly Bandz at youtube.com/user/iheartmrbump

I like the skeleton.

i LOVEthe pack it comes in!!!

Those are so cute!

Where can you get these? They look pretty awesome.

WOW i rlly wnt thesee! :O AND I rlly wannnt the kennel club, the bunny hop, the birthday bash AND the north pole so badly.

i want thme were are they allie plz thell meh

Love them!

those r so cool!

oh so funny* Everything is lively and lovely

I don't love them.

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