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Spider Silly Bandz & Rubber Bands

Continuing my special posts for Halloween, I am blogging about some of the scariest Silly Bandz and rubber bands around. Today's photo is of various Spider Silly Bandz and rubber bands. I have twelve different Spider shaped rubber bands. Can anyone identify which Bandz packages each Spider comes out of? Can anyone pick the one actually made by Silly Bandz? While most of them come from Halloween Bandz packs, there are two of them that came from Spiderman Bandz packs.


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The purple one is the one made by Silly Bandz. The last 2 in the 1st row are the ones in the Spiderman pack.

your missing one i have it it is a glow in the dark green spider that is a necklace

@carly She's not saying she has all the spiders. She's saying those are the ones she has.

I hate spiders but I love the big black one with the legs that are like dangling. What pack did that one come in? Make sure to check out my youtube page all about Silly Bandz at youtube.com/user/iheartmrbump

The really big one with the legs is CREEPY. God I hate spiders.

i no im just saying i have a different selection than her

2 line last one is a ty one

Where is the long legged black one found?

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