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Snack Time Button Bandz Pack

The Snack Time Button Bandz Pack contins six rubber band braclets, each one a different shape with a button attached. Button Bandz are available on ButtonBandz.com. Above is a photo of the front of the Snack Time Button Bandz Pack.

Here is a photo of the back of the Snack Time Button Bandz Pack.

Here is a photo of all the different shapes in the Snack Time Button Bandz Pack. The Snack Time shapes include Pizza, French Fries, Ice Cream, Hotdog, Hamburger, and Drink.



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Well, with silly bandz suing walmart and the other company for ripping off their shapes, where the shapes werent even exact, just similar, this company might see some litigation too for duplicating silly bandz shapes EXACTLY. it will be interesting to see how all this will develop, as most every single company minus a select few are all ripping off silly bandz shapes as well. A lot of the competition will end up disappearing it seems....

@lulz Thats true! I dodn't know Silly Bandz were suing walmart though?

@ doggyadorable - check the post before this one that Allie posted.

When is Allie going to stop buing these?

@ Emily; Never

@ Lulz; Silly Bandz doesn't make a snacks pack

Either way, om nom nom

@Zwendal But other brands do.

Yeah these bandz are a rip-off
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they aren't even good shapes!

What's with the fries??!! These are sooo cheap. And my pic i sent was the peace sign. A few pages back..

Are they attatched or something?

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