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Silly Bandz Sues Walmart

Silly Bandz has sued Walmart. The reason Silly Bandz has sued Walmart is over rubber band bracelets that are made by Crimzon Rose International, LLC and sold in Walmart stores. Crimzon Rose is also being sued. BCP Imports LLC, which is the company behind Silly Bandz, is alledging copyright infringement, trade dress infringement, and unfair competition. Silly Bandz mentions in the lawuit that they have Princess, Rainforest, and Rockbandz product, and the defendant makes product in groupings named Princess, Rain Forest, and Rocker. Above is a photo of the Silly Bandz Rainforest Pack next to the Rain Forest Bands sold at Walmart.

I've includes some more photos below that show some of the bands made by the two companies.

Silly Bandz Rockbandz Pack (below).

Rocker Bands Pack Sold At Walmart (below).

Silly Bandz Princess Pack (below).

Princess Bands Pack sold at Walmart (below).

Silly Bandz Rainforest Pack (below).

Rain Forest Bands Pack sold at Walmart (below).



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Okay that is stupid. Walmart Bands might have the same theme as them but they dont have the same shapes. Silly Bandz needs to be sueing other company that have the EXACT shapes. Also isnt Walmart one of their main retailers?

Dang it, Walmart!

its not really walmart's fault there just trying to make business but the other bandz company yea there wrong but i dont think they should sue walmart, ...

Yes they should, they have the exact same designs and as Robert Croak said on TV,he would bring his lawyers out if someone stole their ideas.!!

this is gonna create waves across the competition with everyone who sells the duplicates of silly bandz shapes that are exact copies getting sued and essentially shut down. lots of competition will end up disappearing I bet.

are they going to stop making them?

Omg! Ya I agree with everyone. The shapes aren't EXACTLY the same, but its the same concept. Its not like Walmart made the bands not knowing that Silly Bandz had those shapes too. They had deliberately tried to use those same shapes.

Well it's about time!

thank you silly bandz!!!

Poor wal-mart! i love their bands! apart from their size judgemant, they have some of the best ones out there! (weather!!!)

its not like when wlmart planned to make theese bandz they said heh heh heh were gunna steal from sillybandz. they sell theese 1 for making money 2 for kids to enjoy them

silly bandz company is so stupidd!!!! yy wuld they sue themm other companies make the samme things so r they gonna sue all the other companies!!! like really its jus stupid!!

why would sillybandz sue walmart? there not EXACT but similar.....sillybandz is overreacting....

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