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Rubber Bands Clothing From LikeWear

With schools banning Silly Bandz, rubber bands are starting to leap off the wrist and onto clothing. A company called LikeWear has created an entire line of Rubber Bands Clothing. The Rubber Bands Clothing features popular rubber band designs on t-shirts, backpacks, pajamas, messenger bags, overnighters, hoodies, shopper bags, dresses, tank tops, boxers, pants, shorts, and onesies. There are three different images called Love, Work, and Play that are printed on the Rubber Bands Clothing. Rubber Bands Clothing was recently featured on the Today Show.

I got a Rubber Bands T-Shirt and a Rubber Bands Tank Top, and they were both good quality clothing. Here is a photo of the Rubber Bands T-Shirt.

Here is a photo of the Rubber Bands Tank Top.

Here is a photo of the LikeWear Catalog. Rubber Bands Clothing can be purchased on LikeWear.com.



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thse r cool

I love this!

Thats kind of dumb.

I don't think those are that cool.

they're good, but not great...

These rubber band clothing are cute. I'm sure kids out there would love this as a gift.

this dress are really cute and nice. I wish to buy those dress. where can I buy those stuff?

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