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Pretty Princess Button Bandz Pack

The Pretty Princess Button Bandz Pack contins six rubber band braclets, each one a different shape with a button attached. Button Bandz are available on ButtonBandz.com. Above is a photo of the front of the Pretty Princess Button Bandz Pack.

Here is a photo of the back of the Pretty Princess Button Bandz Pack.

Here is a photo of all the different shapes in the Pretty Princess Button Bandz Pack. The Pretty Princess shapes include Crown, Castle, Diamond Ring, Princess, Magic Wand, and Glass Slipper.



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This is completely my opinion. These bandz are over the top and the shapes copy silly bandz. i would never buy these because they are too bulky. the charms are very ugly and they think thgis will help with sales. six bandz for six dollars is unbelievable. i can buy a charm from a craft store and connect it for 1 cent. thes are 1 dollar for 1 band. in my mind these are dumb and a ripoff.

@Camille I totally agree!!! Although, it MAY be cool to have a charm on it, but it is way too overpriced.

Agreed. for 5 cents I can get these buttons at a craft store and put the on bandz myself.

The buttons are very fancy like too fancy there not really cute if they were more colorful and cheaper I would get some. Also people you have to remember that every new brand of animal shaped bracelets copy Silly Bandz

@sydney yeah but these are like the exact same shapes some ppl make them diffrent

I this is the stupidest idea ever. 6 dollars for 6 bands is a huge ripoff and all that weight constantly being on that thin rubber band will make them break easier.

I know Emily! My bet is that no one will buy these.

Yeah. Button Bandz are going to fail miserably.

total ripoff

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