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Mascot Bandz Custom School Fundraising Bandz

Mascot Bandz specializes in making custom bandz for Universities, Colleges, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, and High Schools. The schools often use the Mascot Bandz for fundraising activities. Mascot Bandz are not available in stores, as they can only be ordered in bulk by schools through MascotBandz.com. Mascot Bandz has around a million bandz in stock in various mascot shapes and colors.

The Mascot Bandz Football Cheer Pack is pictured above. The Mascot Bandz Cheer Pack is offered in such colors as red, royal blue, medium blue, glow in the dark, yellow-gold, purple, green, orange, and black & florescent pink which turns to glow at night. The Football Cheer Pack set includes 6 designs with 2 duplicates each of Football Player, Goal Post With Football, Cheerleader, Megaphone, #1 Hand, and Football Helmet.

Schools can also customize the Mascot Bandz Football Cheer Pack by mixing in a stock mascot from Mascot Bandz. Mascot Bandz has such stock mascots as Alligators, Broncos, Bulldogs, Bobcats, Cardinals, Cowboys, Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, Guitars, Horseshoes, Indian Heads, Lions, Longhorns, Horses, Stars, Panthers, and many more. Check out MascotBandz.com for a complete list of all the mascot bandz available.


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Those are ok. I like the Goal Post.

I hope my school gets mascot Silly Bandz! My school colors are white, silver, and black!!!! :)

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Love silly bands.

Silly bands are a great idea. They should sell well at any school sporting event

Silly bands rock with the younger volunteers. They are a great giveaway.

My kids love silly bands. They wear them all the time.

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