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Creepy Bands Collect-A-Bands Pack

The Creepy Bands Collect-A-Bands Pack contains thirty-two glow in the dark rubber band bracelets and twelve rings. Above is a photo of the front of the Creepy Bands Collect-A-Bands Pack.

Here is a photo of the back of the Creepy Bands Collect-A-Bands Pack.

Here is a photo of the sixteen different shapes in the Creepy Bands Collect-A-Bands Pack. The Creepy Bands assortment includes Frankenstien, Moon, Witch's Pot, Hunchback, Skeleton, Wolf, Cat, Fangs, Bat, Ghost, Witch, Broomstick, Vampire, Coffin, and Witch's Hat rubber bands. The rings shapes include Umbrella, Bone, Shirt, Shoe, Dollar Sign, Star, Rock Singer, Duck, Heart, and Microphone.



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Those are cool. I like the duck ring, the microphone ring, and the skeleton band.

woah i like the skeleton!!!

I know it's amazing.

these are good i like the skeleton and the rings

i like the cat

ahh. i got theeem from teachheer! (:

@Gerald Wow. Your teacher gives you a lot of bands.

I love these amazing shapes

Emily- ikr! shes awesommmee! (: i ask her for buy a new silly bandz she dont mindd! :D

i wanttt theseee

@Gerald Your lucky.

Emily- hahaha i know. yu got a nice blog anyway. (:

@Gerald Thanks. Did you try commenting for Game Day?

thse r so cool i luv the rings!

I want these! Where do you get them?

so awesome

Emily- yur welcome! uh i didnt game day? r yu tlkin bout uh cp?
Laureen- my teacher say shes bought tis from target. so i guess yu can geet it @ targeet but depeennnddd where yu live in.

Emily- oh nvm i already comment it! :D

Where do you get these bands/pack? Contact my email when you find out please! (:

@Gerald, thanks! I just got them from Target!

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