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Cody Simpson Silly Bandz

Cody Simpson, who is a singer/songwriter with Atlantic Records, has his own pack of custom Silly Bandz made by the official Silly Bandz company. The Cody Simpson Silly Bandz Pack contains eleven Silly Bandz, which consist of the letters in the name "Cody Simpson." The letters are in blue and white. Above is a picture of the Cody Simpson Silly Bandz Pack.

Here is a picture of the shapes in the Cody Simpson Silly Bandz Pack. The Cody Simpson Silly Bandz Pack retails for five dollars and is available for sale in the Cody Simpson store on AtlanticRecords.com.



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just letters?

OOOO hes cute :)

Okay I dont get the point in these. First of all THERE 5 DOLLARS FOR ONLY 11 BRACELETS! Second I can just but the Silly Bandz Alphabet pack. Third whos Cody Simpson?

He's cute.


I agree with Sydney...I mean I love Cody Simpson but I could have just gotten the Alphabet Pack. & 5 Bucks just for 11 Bands? Come on!

@Natalie Who is Cody Simpson? Besides a cutie.

k. heres the thing: he soundz a little conceited. just go 2 youtube and look up his song called "one". listen to the first couple wordz. he says his name. not just his name but he sayas it so passionately like"oh, im sooooo cool" then go to another song of his called iyiyi. well, that dosent count bc another dude thats also singigng sais that.

i dont actually know that though. so that is probably not true.

Your right. He sounds too young.

cody is a 13 year old singer and he has 3 songs i think

I want this ! ❤


cody simpson is soooo cute!!! And he's not thirteen! He's 14 born on January 11th 1997! He's also from Australia!!!

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