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Button Bandz Are Rubber Bands With Buttons

Over the next several days, I will be posting pictures of a new design twist on rubber band bracelets. Button Bandz are rubber bands with buttons attaches. The buttons are in various shapes, so they make rubber band bracelets look like charm bracelets. Above is a photo of several packs of Button Bandz, which are available on ButtonBandz.com.


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I can see some of those shapes in the package, they are copying Silly Bandz on the shapes AND the colors!

Those are cool. I want some.

they are really expensive 6 dollers for 6 bandz

doggyadorable-Now a days everybody copys their shapes at least to start out with. Every body copys Silly bandz

those r adorable!!!!!

Every detail is copying silly Bandz. Its dumb

@ sydney ... bandeez takes pride in not copying anyone's shapes and offering our own unique shapes. :D so not EVERYONE copies them

No I've seen bandeez copy too.

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