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Build A Pack Silly Bandz

Have you ever wanted to build your own pack of Silly Bandz with just certain shapes? For example, would you like to have a Silly Bandz Pack with just rare Silly Bandz like the Dragon Silly Bandz, Gecko Silly Bandz, and Phoenix Silly Bandz. Well, now you can. Silly Bandz just started offering Build-A-Pack Silly Bandz. At a price of $5.95 per pack, Silly Bandz fans can create their own twenty-four pack of Silly Bandz with just the shapes they choose.

SillyBandz.com has a form where customers can enter a number next to various shapes to create their own custom Silly Bandz pack. Customers can only choose from the various generic Silly Bandz shapes. Licensed Silly Bandz like iCarly Silly Bandz and Justin Bieber Silly Bandz are not included in the Build A Pack Silly Bandz option.
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