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Ben 10 Alien Force Beanie Bandz

Yesterday, I blogged about all the new licensed product that Beanie Bandz is releasing in the United States. Beanie Bandz has another licensed product that they appear to only currently be releasing in England. The Ben 10 Alien Force Beanie Bandz Pack contains twelve rubber band bracelets, two each of six different designs. All Beanie Bandz have the Ty heart shaped logo made into the rubber band. The Ben 10 Alien Force Beanie Bandz designs include Ben, Humungousaur, Jet Ray, Echo Echo, Swampfire, and Goop. Above is a picture of the front of the Ben 10 Alien Force Beanie Bandz Pack.


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Lame... only boys would like this dumb stuff.

@Camille Ya. But Beanie Bands in general are cool.

Those are stupid.

The only reason u guys dont like it is because youve never heard of the show because I believe its a show in England

No I've heard of it. I've seen it a couple times. It's stupid.

This show is not stupid my sons love it and in fact I've been searching the internet for these to go with their Ben 10 themed birthday, I find it lame that you are commenting on items that are for CHILDREN get a life!

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