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Star Wars Silly Bandz

Everyone has been hoping for Star Wars Silly Bandz, and their wishes will soon be coming true. According to a source, Lucasfilm has revealed that Star Wars Bandz are on the way. I haven’t heard if Lucasfilm is working with the official Silly Bandz company or not to make Star Wars Silly Bandz, so it could be another company producing the Bandz. Hasbro is the toy company behind Star Wars action figures, so it could be that Hasbro is producing the Star Wars Bandz. However, it’s also possible that Hasbro and/or Lucasfilm has signed on with one of the Bandz companies, just like Mattel signed with Silly Bandz to make Barbie Silly Bandz and with Forever Collectibles to make Hot Wheels Bandz.

What type of Stars Wars Silly Bandz would you like to see? Just like with Harry Potter, the Star Wars universe offers a lot of different options. There would of course be Silly Bandz of the main characters like a Luke Skywalker Bandz, Han Solo Bandz, Darth Vader Bandz, and Princess Leia Bandz. But there could also be Stars Wars Aliens Silly Bandz and Star Wars Spaceships Silly Bandz.

Post your ideas for Star Wars Bandz in the comment section below.


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I'm eagerly awaiting tie fighter bands. :)

I want these YESTERDAY

omg lightsaber bandz

I want Padme's silver ship as a Band!


they dont make any of the 1s u just named but they do make them and ther r 2 seirs 1 is c3p0,r2d2,cad bane, a light saber,a jedi star fighter, anakin skywalker,clone commerdr cody and asooka.buy the way they r star wars the clone wars witch stinks cause it is a dumb show but know seires 2.obi-wan,genral grivios,yoda,a green lightsaber,clone captian rex,mace windo,asi venttress and a vulture droid.and thats it i have and love them if u want 2 buy them they sell um at taget for 50 cents!! no joke they r on say know cause no body busy them and they have a lot of oters 1s 2 and they r in the card section.

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