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Silly Band Book Announced

SBB LLC has just announced the launch of the SillyBandBook. The SillyBandBook is a customized storage solution for silly band collectors. The SillyBandBook is designed like a book or album for easy storage and maximum portability. The SillyBandBook meatures 7”x 6” and is made of durable material. Each SillyBandBook can store more than 50 silly bands.

“We’ve been amazed at the level of engagement our kids have with silly bands and have
experienced first-hand the need for a solution to store and share their collections,” said
Michelle Squires, who is the founder of SBB LLC. “The SillyBandBook is our answer to the need for a modern-day sticker album for these popular items.”

The SillyBandBook is priced at $6.99, and it can be purchased direct from the manufacturer at www.sillybandbook.com or at select retailers.


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So, it's just a trading card binder but you put silly bandz in the slots? -_- and you pay twice as much for it...

No because it's like a book. You open it up and it's a lot more durable than those. I'm going to get one.

Thats stupid

I don't think so.

i dont thisk so either im gonnaa buy one its cool

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