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Pirate Bands Pack

The Pirate Bands Pack contains twenty-four glow in the dark rubber band bracelets, four each of six different shapes. The Pirate Bands Pack is sold and distributed by Walmart. Above is a photo of the front of the Pirate Bands Pack.

Here is a photo of the back of the Pirate Bands Pack.

Here is a photo of all the shapes in the Pirate Bands Pack. The Pirate assortment includes Skull & Cross Bones, Ship Wheel, Pirate, Sword, Hat and Ship rubber bands.



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those look really small

Those are cool shapes but they look too small.

cool and small

Ya I saw thos

i have 3,280 bandz, 335 ringz, and 1 charm!!

yeah right!

@victoria I'm sorry but I really doubt that.

Are you counting doubles of the same shape?

yeah i really doubt that victoria

dragmire 666 i am counting the double shapes

everyone tell me how
many bandz u have

I have about 2200, but I only count singles or the same shape in new colors. I sell all my exact doubles.

dragmire 666 you are an adult arent u???

Yes, physically I'm an adult. Why? XD

i have 846

i dont wanna be mean or judgemental, but i thought most adults hated sillybandz??? but you must be cool if u like sillybandz and ur nota kid.

Nah, I'm a toy collector, I collect all kinds of stuff. :) When I was little everyone was into jelly bracelets and Giga pets (also known as Nano pets, or Tamagotchi's) and most adults reacted the same way towards them. They even banned Giga pets at my school. I always think a person should buy what makes them happy, even if they don't fall in the "recommended age". XD

cool. i love to collect things.

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