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Justin Bieber Silly Bandz Has People Lining Up At Toys R Us

It looks like Justin Bieber Silly Bandz might be the first really hot holiday toy of 2010. Silly Bandz just posted the photo above to the Silly Bandz facebook page that shows a crowd gathered outside the Times Square Toys R Us store. The crowd is waiting in line to buy the new Justin Bieber Silly Bandz. There are ten lucky Toys R Us stores across the country that are the first retail locations to sell Justin Bieber Silly Bandz. At the Toys R Us Times Square location in New York, Silly Bandz owner Robert Croak is actually appearing to help launch the new Bandz designs.

If it's only September and people are already lining up to buy Justin Bieber Silly Bandz, then just imagine what it will be like as it gets closer to Christmas. While Justin Bieber Silly Bandz are only available at ten Toys R Us locations today, they will be released in other Toys R Us locations and other Silly Bandz retailers next week. People who ordered Justin Bieber Silly Bandz directly from SillyBandz.com when they were first announced started recieving their orders this past week. If you want to see actual photos of the Justin Bieber Silly Bandz, then check out the first official Justin Bieber Silly Bandz photos.


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wow, people really get THAT excited?

Justine Beaver Silly Bandz are stupid.

Justine Beaver is an idiot and a know it all and has a big head. People need to obsess over better things.

I've got nothing against the guy but I'm getting really sick of hearing about his silly bandz. :(

@doggyadorable i agree

I love Justin Bieber but I don't know why people are lining up to buy them, i mean seriously they should be lining up to buy his tickets not some rubber bracelet that brakes really fast.

jb didn't die.

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