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Justin Bieber Silly Bandz Announcement Details

Where can you get Justin Bieber Silly Bandz? It’s one of the most often asked questions on Twitter and a question I get emailed every day. Now, Silly Bandz is about to answer that question. Of course, if someone wants to order Justin Bieber Silly Bandz online, they have been available for pre-order on SillyBandz.com for a couple weeks. However, there are some people who can’t or don’t want to order online, and they have been anxiously awaiting news on when and where they can find Justin Bieber Silly Bandz in retail stores. On Twitter, Silly Bandz has previously revealed that Justin Bieber Silly Bandz will be available in one store for one day and then nationwide the next.

Because no one knows for sure yet which one store will get the honor of being the first with Justin Bieber Silly Bandz, Silly Bandz is making an event out of the announcement. Silly Bandz has revealed that they will announce the details around the retail release of Justin Bieber Silly Bandz on Monday, September 13, 2010 at 4 PM EST.

Does anyone have any guesses as to which store will get Justin Bieber Silly Bandz first. My guess is that it will be Toys R Us, since they are the largest toy store chain, and it’s been previously reported that they would be doing a big back to school promotion involving Silly Bandz. I would also guess that if Justin Bieber Silly Bandz are rolled out in Toys R Us that the Toys R Us Times Square in New York City will be the first store to get them.


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Knowing my Hallmark they will probably be there within a few days

it is Toys R Us

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