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Jewish Symbol Bands

Traditions Jewish Gifts has created Jewish themed bandz called Jewish Symbol Bands. There are four different sets of Jewish Symbol Bands. Each pack of Jewish Symbol Bands contains ten rubber band bracelets, two each of five different designs. The four sets include Multi Color Pack, Gold Glitter Pack, Glow In The Dark Pack, and Tie Dye Pack.

The Multi Color Jewish Symbol Bands Pack contains Tree Of Life, Shabbat Candlesticks, Menorah, Kosher, and Noah's Ark rubber bands.

The Gold Glitter Jewish Symbol Bands Pack contains Torah, Lion Of Judea, Chai, Hamsa, and Dove Of Peace rubber bands.

The Glow In The Dark Jewish Symbol Bands Pack contains State Of Israel, Shalom, Kiddush Cup, Ten Commandments, and Shin rubber bands.

The Tie Dye Jewish Symbol Bands Pack contains Tree Of Life, Shabbat Candlesticks, Menorah, Kosher, and Noah's Ark rubber bands.

Jewish Symbol Bands are available on TraditionsJewishGifts.com.


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The religion thing is going over the top

After the 50 million Christian bands I'm happy to see another religion represented! Now if they would just make some Buddhist, Islamic, Taoist, Hindu, and Atheist bands they'd have all the major religions covered.

Whoops, I forgot to put Shinto in that list too. XD

I am glad they made these too! i think its great that they are now doing other religians !!!

dragonmire666 u forgot to put in sikhism

Those are cool because besides these I only know one other brand that makes jewish shapes. And that's Stretchy Shapes.

ohhh yeah i forgot

I love Sikhs! They could have a kirpan shaped band XD

@Dragmire666, atheism is definitely not a religion xD

unless you meant agnosticism

i hope they DONT make athiest bandz!!

Atheism is a religion. "A religion is a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe" So, believing in no supernatural entity and that we have no purpose is still a religion. XD Agnosticism is believing you don't know anything about the creation of the universe so I'm not sure whether it counts as a religion or just a point of view. :)

And just because you don't agree with it doesn't mean you should hate on it. What if all the other religions or viewpoints thought that way about your views? They all exist and are therefore ALL valid views.

Note: I'm going by a more vague definition and not the Ninian Smart definition. We discussed this a lot in my religions class.

To be technical, defining religion is a lot like defining "art". In other words, it's sometimes completely impossible and completely subjective. XD


@dragonmire666 yeah they could have made a karpan a kara somehow and the panj pyarre the khanda and a bunch other things

and by the way i am sikh but my real name isnt Taylor its something else that starts with a T

Taylor: Awesome for you! I did a whole paper on Sikhism in my eastern religions class. It's a very honorable and respectful religion. :)If they made Sikh bands I'd buy them even though I'm not one myself. XD

@taylor wut is ur real name? :)

crissy my real name is Tina but i didnt put my real name cuz i didnt want the whole site to know

and by the way my name Tina means river

@taylor or "tina" ok! is tina short 2 anything?

what do u mean?


i meant is tina short 4 something

oh no its not crissy

its just Tina

I would LOVE atheist bands,lol!
Victoria,dont say that.Just because I dont beleive in your magical sky daddy doesnt mean I shouldnt get any bands.

too cold the day for this year, really

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