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Inspirational Bands Pack

The Inspirational Bands Pack contains twenty-four rubber band bracelets, four each of six different shapes. The Inspirational Bands Pack is sold and distributed by Walmart. Above is a photo of the front of the Inspirational Bands Pack.

Here is a photo of the back of the Inspirational Bands Pack.

Here is a photo of all the shapes in the Inspirational Bands Pack. The Inspirational assortment includes Hope, Dream, Live, Love, Laugh, and Wish rubber bands.



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Whoa those are good

Whoa those are bad

www.faithbands has like 30 styles of bands... of inspirational designs including words... the rainbow is kinda cool though.

@doggyadorable Why did you say they were good and bad. I think they're good.

i luvvv thoseee

thse r cool

those are pretty cool

I got these a long time ago and they're HUUUGE..! You can fit them over ur neck..! literally..!

Cool. I think i'll get them.

i rlly like those! those r awesome 4 walmart bands and worth 2 buks!

i have these a friend got them for me for my birthday.
i love them<33 (:

thse r super cool

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