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Funky Tattoo Bandz

Panaria has come up with a brand new take on the whole Bandz craze. They will soon be releasing a new design called Funky Tattoo Bandz, which look like tattoos. Funky Tattoo Bandz are designed to be worn on the wrist, the arm, or the ankle. Above is a photo of the Funky Tattoo Bandz display case, which contains twenty-four Funky Tattoo Bandz Packs.

Here is a photo of a Funky Tattoo Bandz Pack, which contains a black Tattoo Bandz. Just like Rubba Bandz, Funky Tattoo Bandz are available for retailers to order on Panaria.com.



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Thats not very appropriate for kids. Thats like an encouragement to get tattoos.

I agree. I'm not going to get these and I encourage everyoe else to do the same.

i really agree.

It's like they're trying to get kids to become rebels at a young age.

i like them!!

First off there's nothing wrong with tattoos. Just because you have to be 18 to do something doesn't make it evil. Also, in the same way you could say that baby dolls are bad for kids too as it encourages girls to get pregnant at an early age, it's flawed logic.

Secondly these bands could be marketed to adults, a growing number of them *myself included* are wearing them. :D

I guess its a matter of opinion.

Sorry to seem so angry XD It's just they're just toys. I've led a debate before in my classes in support of toy guns and temporary tattoos so it's a bit of a personal issue for me. :)

they look really cool

Okay, to anyone who says these are inapropriate to kids, do you think kids will just waltz into a tattoo parlor to buys these? And besides, these are marketed at teens and young adults.

do they just com one to a pack???

It looks that way but we don't know how much they're gonna cost yet. :/

those r ok i guess, i mean some ppl want tatoos, but cant get them, so i guess it is rlly about ppls opinion.

amen chrissy

this is cool, cant wait to have one of those funky tattoo.

I agree with dragmire666, don't see why people get so worked up about tattoos.

Hello there : )
Why is it that men and women (society in general) still pre-judge people who have tats. girls commonly?
I'm a 26 year old F, have 11 tattoos, most of which can't be spotted on my every day travels. 5 - 6 in the summer are pretty much constantly on display. I don't strive for attention and I have a loving boyfriend Without TATTOOS .I get the impression that a lot of people believe that tattooed persons are blind, once we get stared at, even if we return a glance many people continue looking. When will society improve?

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