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Webb Candy Announces Banditz Rubber Band Arcade

Webb Candy has released a new set of games around the current trend of collectable rubber bands. The games are called Banditz Rubber Band Arcade games. Each Banditz Arcade box contains 7 separate games and 24 Banditz bands. The games are based on traditional carnival arcade games. Everything from ring toss, to basketball, to traditional shooting games is represented. Over one million units of the games will be released to the marketplace within the next few weeks.

The Game designer is Robert Klaus, and he is quoted in saying, “Words can’t describe how it feels to have an idea of mine find a home in the marketplace”. More information about Banditz Arcade can be found on BanditzOnline.com.


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wow! i could of thot of that idea myself!

Wow, cool banditz, fall in love in the first sight :D

i don't get it. The're in a box?

i reeeeeeeeealy don't get it.

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