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Stretchy Shapes Emoticons Pack

The Stretchy Shapes Emoticons Pack contains twenty rubber band bracelets, four each of five different shapes. The Stretchy Shapes Emoticons Pack comes in Stretchy Shapes Zipper Pack, which is great for storing the bands. Inside the packaging is a card that shows the pictures of the five different Emoticons shapes. The special feature on these rubber bands is that they are all solar powered, which means they change color when exposed to the sun. Here is a photo of the front of the Stretchy Shapes Emoticons Pack, which is available on the StretchyShapes.com website.

Here is a photo of the back of the Stretchy Shapes Emoticons Pack.

The Stretchy Shapes Emoticons shapes include Joy, Happy, Winking, Sad, and Goofy rubber bands. Here is a photo of all the shapes in the Emoticons assortment.



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I am sooooo getting these.

I have those they are awesome! dont believe me? check my blog! ;)

I want to get these soon! xD

i have them they r great

those r cool!!!!!!!

v, it seems like you have every band. it bothers some people, but not me if you look on one of theese newer posts, some kid named crissy started saying mean things about you. it bothered me, and i was looking for a way to tell you. you should really do something about it. once i find out which post it is ill post a comment to tell where all theese things are.

k, v if u look on top trenz and then go to the mini farm animal pack and look at the commenets. you will be glad you did!!!

If anybody wanna trade silly bandz email me
[email protected]

i migt wanna trade silly bandz

@victoria- im just giving my opinion. im not trying 2 b mean! jeez, u dont have 2 announce it 2 the whole world. victoria, i thot we could b pretty good friends on here! i dont wanna b mean, i wuz just sayin. i totally OVRREACTED. v, im srry, i take it all back.

I want these. Hopefully I'll be getting them soon.

im sorry chrissy i should just kept your name to myself

@victoria- its ok, i wuz ovr-reacting. :/

thank you so much!!! i get like you, i start feeling really bad. i know that about you because i was part of the issue with anime and animalbracelets.blog.com. but now, were all good friends and get along
thank goodness!!

@v and @doggyadorible are these cool should i get these

@victoria- ya, lol! :)

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