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Rocker Bands Pack

The Rocker Bands Pack contains twenty-four rubber band bracelets, four each of six different shapes. The Rocker Bands Pack is sold and distributed by Walmart. Above is a photo of the front of the Rocker Bands Pack.

Here is a photo of the back of the Rocker Bands Pack.

Here is a photo of all the shapes in the Rocker Bands Pack. The Rocker assortment includes Peace Sign, Rock, Guitar, Rocker, Microphone, and Drums rubber bands.



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Walmart bandz are knockoffs. They're the same as packs by silly bandz and other companies just slightly different.

silly bandz is way better i like the rock though

look at the drumset its just two boxes lol and silly bandz are way better

ya the silly bandz ones are better but you have to admit, these are better than googly bands!

but at least googly bands has sparkly and tye die...the walmart ones dont! and googly bands are tye die and on the facebook page they are always giving out free prizes like i won 2 packs of googly bands a pack of googly rings and a googly charm necklace. free shipping too!!!!!!

you guys are right.

Eh atleast Walmart's trying! And they're cheaper than a pack of 12 Sillybands. Their a good deal. So you have to give Walmart some sort of credit.

our factory wholesale this rock band at $0.9 per pack, if you want to do make money by this please try from us. also i really do not know who want our sports bandz.NFL ,MLB,NCAA silly bandz. was told these kinds of productions are crazy there, and many stores and customers hard to find the resoure. while here we manufacture all of them.but i am really hard to reach you. is it possible begin business with us. please contact with us if you want retail it, our website is www.huaec.com and our email is huarenec@gmail.com, thanks! Bill

Yeah the walmart ones are cheaper because it show in the picture on the pack that it's $2.00 and Allie always says they're 24 packs.

Theyre $2 because theyre worth $2. Silly Bandz are better, so theyre more expensive. And I really like the new googly bands they have and i like how googly bands is always giving them away for free on facebook.

In the Silly Bandz rock pack, it's rock hands not peace hands.

well atleast theyr just 2 dollars for 24 i mean theyr just trying to make money so some people buy them cuz theyr cheap

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