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QQ Bandz Launches

There is another new brand of Bandz. QQ Bandz just launched with several different assortments that include UV Activated Bandz, Glow In The Dark Bandz, and Rings. They also have what they call Family Packs, which consists of a combination of Bracelets and Rings. QQ Bandz makes everything from Androids to Lizards to Hello Kitty style designs. I'll have more photos of actual QQ Bandz packs over the upcoming week, so keep checking back. QQ Bandz has a website located at QQBandz.com.


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@HK I already got 2 packs of Hello Kitty Bands off of ebay so why would I want more.

i want the hello kitty ones

theyre hello kitty RINGS!!!

I know I don't want those.

The androids look pretty cool. I'm actually surprised.

I want the lizards.

Gratitude and greed go not together!

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