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Guess the Band Part Four?

It's time for another edition of guess the rubber band. Does anyone know what this band might be? I know what it is, but it's an interesting shape, so I'm guessing it will be either really easy or really difficult for everyone to guess. Post your guesses in the comment section below.


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Maybe its a messed up dragon???? O_o

A live blob with it's mouth open?

Dragon? Blob? Booger?

a dragon on its side????????

Rhode Island? XD

a pegicorn?? (unicorn and pegasus)

It's the continent of Europe

i think it is a submarine with a periscope

a pegasus with a horn

It looks like europe!!

maybe its a dragon

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i think its a googly band, googly bands sometimes lose thwir shapes or come deformed in the pack.

It is Europe from a Googly Bands pack.

Mack and Scarter003 got it right. It is the continent of Europe from a Googly Bands Pack.

it a dragon from googlybandz oh and allie hi im keshaedwards dauter


A DRAGON! i have it!!

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