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Guess The Band Part Five?

I just got emailed a Bandz shape from an Animal Bracelets Blog reader, and I have no clue what this shape is. It looks like some type of number or symbol to me, but I'm not sure. So I'm posting it up as another edition of Guess The Band. Does anyone know what Bandz shape this is supposed to be? Or who makes it? Post your guesses in the comment section below.


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Easy!! its a 123 band?!

a monkey? lol

Looks like some sort of monkey!!!

It's the ABC from the Googly Bands School Pack.

its the abc from the googly bands school pack

123 Band from googly bandz's school pack

its abc

its so easy i have this pack its a abc from the googly bands school pack its distorted and turned the wrong way

itz either a weird some sort of monkey, or abc from the googly bands skool pack.

ABC from googly bandz school pack.

i think its the ABC band but its alittle deformed... :-/

ya its abc. and i can believe its from googly bands because its terrible.

abc is the shape

abc from googly bandz school pack but its turned a different way

its the ABC Shape and guys there is no 123 shape in the Googly Bannds school pack.

its the abc shape

hmm... to me that looks a little like something my dog threw up outside... all chewed up...

It's the ABC from the googly school pack! I got the pack from the dollar store.

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