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Googly Bands Birds Pack

The Googly Bands Birds Pack contains twelve rubber band bracelets, two each of six different designs. Above is a photo of the front of the Googly Bands Birds Pack.

Here is a photo of the back of the Googly Bands Birds Pack, which shows pictures of the other Googly Bands designs.

Here is a photo of all the different shapes in the Googly Bands Birds Pack. The Birds assortment includes Eagle, Hawk, Swan, Owl, Pigeon and Humming Bird rubber bands.



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I have a swan but it looks different than that.

so many diff. brands have been copying othr brands, cuz shaped rubber bands actually make the birds pack, not gogly bands, but still, they r pretty kool.

i really agree with u crissy


o, and i said gogly bands instead of googly bands- LOL!!!!!!!

the orange one isnt very good, but i would buy this pack.

i have a whole bunch of googly bandz. they are the most comfy bands i have!!

@victoria- i agree, i dont have 2 many googly bands, but they r pretty comfy, cuz mostly they fit loosely and thick or thin.

yeah i have a few packs of googly bandz and theyr comfy but NEVER get the glitsy pack cuz i got that pack and it was so tight!

uck. Googly bandz are the worst. Leave it up to them to screw up cool shapes. they feel all slimey on your wrist, no wonder they're so cheap

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