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Googly Bands Beauty Pack

The Googly Bands Beauty Pack contains twelve rubber band bracelets, two each of six different designs. The Googly Beauty Bands have the special feature of being Sparkle bands. Above is a photo of the front of the Googly Bands Beauty Pack.

Here is a photo of the back of the Googly Bands Beauty Pack, which shows pictures of the other Googly Bands designs.
Here is a photo of all the different shapes in the Googly Bands Beauty Pack. The Beauty assortment includes Eye Liner, Perfume, Makeup Brush, Hair Dryer, Nail Polish, and Lipstick rubber bands.



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Those are really stupid. I do not want those.

the only one thats half good is the perfume bottle

yeah those arent good at all even though they have sparkles
those are horrible!

They don't even look like what they are.

well the pack is only a dollar

good pack for being a dollar i would get them and then trade them

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