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Faith Bands Shapes Pack

The Faith Bands Shapes Pack contains twelve rubber band bracelets, each one a different shaped design. Above is a photo of the front of the Faith Bands Shapes Pack. The Shapes designs are also neon color rubber bands.

In addition to the bands, the Faith Bands Shapes Packs also contain a religious message on the back. Here is a photo of the message.

The Faith Bands Shapes assortment includes various Circle, Triangle, Square, Star, Diamond, Pentagon, and Hexagon rubber bands. Here is a photo of all the different shapes. More information on Faith Bands can be found on FaithBands.org.



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Those are stupid. I don't want those.

The contest is on this blog? And Silly Bandz aren't banned at my school, you just can't take them off unless it's recess. Your really unlucky.

yeah those are boring shapes

These are for younger kids and sunday school use?

Yeah they help 2 year olds learn.

Those suck... XD

those are ok

those are good shapes for little kids to learn with
they can learn theyr shapes that way

im not allowed to have silly bandz on school property at my school

yeah a lot of people cant not just u

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