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Bella Sara Collect-A-Bands Pack

The Bella Sara Collect-A-Bands Pack contains twenty four rubber band bracelets, three each of eight different designs. All the Bella Sara Bandz have the special feature of being Sparkle bands. Above is a photo of the front of the Bella Sara Collect-A-Bands Pack.

Here is a photo of the back of the Bella Sara Collect-A-Bands Pack, which shows the eight different character shapes.

Here is a photo of the eight different shapes in the Bella Sara Collect-A-Bands Pack. The Bella Sara assortment includes Bella, Thunder, Jewel, Fiona, Harmony, and Nike rubber bands.



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ya i saw these at my local target. they looked good, but now that i see them, im glad i didnt get them.


my friend got theese whan i got strawberry shortcake bandz!!

I used to love Bella Sara. Those are pretty cool.

I never liked Bella Sara so I'm not going to get those.

lol my sister got these and they're all retarded shaped with extra rubber mistakes on the sides... xD one style looks like a llama... i got looney tunes ones... heh heh the pink taz is really big!!!

i got these by mistake


i love bella . i even have the collection . i want thos silly bandz.

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