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Barbie Silly Bandz Officially Confirmed

There have been rumors circulating of Barbie Silly Bandz, but now those rumors can be officially confirmed. Silly Bandz has indeed signed a licensing deal with Mattel to produce official Barbie Silly Bandz. The upcoming Barbie Silly Bandz were confirmed by none other than Rob Croak, who is the owner of the Silly Bandz company. Rob Croak confirmed the licensing deal on an appearance on Bloomberg Street Smart. No word yet on what shapes will be included in the Barbie Silly Bandz Pack, but it is sure to be a huge hit with girl Silly Bandz collectors.


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Funny how every1 was ranting about Justin Bieber Silly Bandz like pathetic losers but not saying anything about Barbie Silly Bandz

i gotta get theese!!!

@victoria- do u like barbie or r u just a HUGE collecter?

I might want these. It depends on want the shapes look like.

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