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SpongeBob Bandz - Rare Or Not Rare?

There are several companies that have the license to make Bandz based on SpongeBob Squarepants, so eventually they might not be rare. However, right now, very few packs of SpongeBob Squarepants Bandz have made it to stores, and because SpongeBob is such a popular character, they are very in demand. Any SpongeBob Squarepants Bandz seems to command several other rubber bands in trade. Pictured above is the SpongeBob Bandz from HerDirect.com, which is a sample and really rare. Other companies making SpongeBob Bandz include Novelty Inc. and Bandit-Os. It's also been reported that Silly Bandz has a license with Nickelodeon so there will be official SpongeBob Silly Bandz. So is the the SpongeBob Bandz rare or not rare?


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i have the other kind

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I think this is a little rare in my area because they just started selling the pack that that comes in.

I just finally got dancing Spongebob from a girl at my school. Everyone has them, but she was the only one that would trade it to me. I traded Mr. Potato Head and a pink Rex for it.

I never see this before. It is cute. Just like a cookie. hehe^^

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