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Silly Bandz New Design Leaked?

In the Silly Bandz USA Today video, there is a brief segment with Tom Hiser, who is a Silly Bandz graphic designer/animator. In the background, his computer screen can be seen, and it appears as if he might be working on a new Silly Bandz design. The image is too small to make our exactly what the new designs are, but there appears to be a blue figure raising a shield above his head. Could this be some sort of Silly Bandz Gladiator or maybe a Silly Bandz Superhero? Post your guesses in the comments below about what these new Silly Bandz designs might be.


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i think maybe it is an olympic pack with a person carring a torch?

percy jackson and the olympians. maybe...?

I think its a person dunking a basketball. If you look at it again, it kind of looks like that. Thanks for the picture! :)

How about football because on the left u see someone kicking somethign then on the right it shows someone cathing a football and also sillybandz announced they were giving football sillybandz away at a football game in florida!

Percy Jackson!!!! (hopefully)


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