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Silly Bandz Considering Making Silly Bandz For Adults


I guess Silly Bandz owner Robert Croak has been paying attention to all the articles about how adults are starting to wear Silly Bandz. Robert Croak recently confirmed that Silly Bandz is considering making adult sized Silly Bandz. It’s kind of funny, but what started out with elementary school students and then spread to middle school, high school, and college students is really starting to catch on with adults now.

Of course, there are some very famous celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Kelly Ripa who have helped to make it cool for adults to wear Silly Bandz. In fact, I’m starting to see almost as many adults as kids wearing Silly Bandz lately.

In addition to adult sized Silly Bandz, Robert Croak also confirmed that Silly Bandz will be releasing Silly Bandz Rings in the next couple of week. As part of their expansion into other products, Silly Bandz released Silly Bandz Necklaces just a couple weeks ago.


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and this all started with a rubber band....

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