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Silly Bandz At Myrtle Beach

I just got back from a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Silly Bandz have taken over. There are numerous places to buy Silly Bandz, Silly Bands, and Animal Bracelets in Myrtle Beach. Most stores seem to be calling them Silly Bands now, even though not all stores that promote Silly Bands have the actual Silly Bandz brand. The Ripley's Aquarium, which is a cool place to visit in Myrtle Beach, sells Bendy Bandz in their gift shop.

At Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach, there are several carts that sell Silly Bands. The Silly Bands Carts usually offer discounts for people who buy multiple packs.

There is a really cool store called Toys & Co. in Myrtle Beach at Broadway at the Beach.

Toys & Co. carried several different brands of Silly Bands, including the actual Silly Bandz brand. They had the largest assortment of Silly Bands that I was able to find in Myrtle Beach.

At the Grand Coastal Mall in Myrtle Beach, there were several stores that carried Silly Bands. There was a Silly Bands mall kiosk, as well as an As Seen On TV & More Store, Books-A-Million, and a FYE store.

Myrtle Beach also has an A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts store, which carries Silly Bandz, Wild Bands, and a couple other brands.

There are also numerous Beach Shops up and down Myrtle Beach which carry generic brands of Silly Bands.


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Nice! I wish there were more places to buy them over here though. );

I love going to Myrtle & Boardwalk on the Beach there. I go every few years.

ahhh!!! i am like your biggest fan im so excited b cause i live in sc!!!!! im just excited to be in the same state as you!!!!!

I was just there for 3 weeks in June and EVERYWHERE I went they had silly bandz! And by EVERYWHERE I mean EvErYwHeRe!!!!!!!!

I hope we can go there this summer!!!That looks like so much fun!!!

cool i found some on vcation in highlands nc they had pack and places where u could buy single bands for .25 they were some cool ones

Awesome! We were planning to go to Ripleys tomorrow I think! Then Broadway at the Beach on Thursday! Thanks for telling us!

yay bc im going there soon!!

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