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Shrek Bandz Revealed

Shrek is getting the Silly Bandz treatment. A company called Dizzy Heights Entertainment has signed some licensing deals to produce rubber band bracelets based on several famous characters. They are producing the bandz under the Collect-A-Bands name. So far, I've seen Collect-A-Bandz for Shrek Forever After and Looney Tunes. However, on the Dizzy Heights Entertainment website, it looks like they have licensing deals with The Lord Of The Rings, KISS, and Yu-Gi-Oh for other product, so it's possible they might be signing deals to bandz for those properties as well.

The Shrek Forever After Collect-A-Bands Pack contains twenty-four rubber band bracelets. Each pack contains eight different Shrek character shapes. The Shrek Forever After assortment includes Shrek (full body), Princess Fiona, Shrek (head only), Donkey, Puss In Boots, The Gingerbread Man, King Harold, and Queen Lillian rubber bands.


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@victoria is it easy to tell who is who

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